About Wandlite


Wandlite™ is a versatile, durable, 12v, long-life LED tube light with 360 degree lighting, perfect for emergency lighting, outdoor illumination, barn and shed lights, exhibition displays, backlit walls and more. Available in 800mm, 950mm, 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm tube lengths, the Wandlite™ can be used either as a stand alone light, or connect two or more Wandlite™ tubes together, for the ultimate in lighting flexibility.

Get connected - anywhere

Manufactured in Britain to the highest EU standards, the Wandlite™ runs off a standard 12v power supply. In situations where electrical supply is not possible like outdoor events, campsites or emergency/ disaster relief, the Wandlite™, together with the right adaptors, can be connected to either a solar-powered panel or car/ lead battery.

The Wandlite™ is durable, lightweight, easy to clean and offers 360 degree lighting with good diffusion and high light transmission. It’s safe & simple to use, portable and robust, which is of huge benefit to anyone needing a high quality, durable tube light for almost any application.

Fluorescent lighting - replaced

A perfect replacement for outdated fluorescent lighting, and the benefits of no flicker, the Wandlite™ can be supplied with a light deflecting hood/cowl which can be fitted simply to most roofs, false ceilings or walls. The Wandlite™ contains long-lasting LED lights with 70,000+ hours lifetime. Other accessories include various wall mounts and ceiling hooks to mount your Wandlite™ wherever you need it. At home, in the office, in the kitchen, greenhouse or barn, the Wandlite™ is probably the most flexible, low cost, high quality light you will ever own.